What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

It is the way residents of Bearley Parish can influence any physical development in the parish.

Please click this link here which provides a complete explanation which is simplified below.

What does it do?

It allows Bearley Parish to set out policies to specify how any development would be. These policies would on completion of the process become legal planning guidance specific to Bearley Parish. These include:

  • the design of any housing
  • the openness of layout
  • the tenancy of affordable housing, rented or in joint ownership
  • the environmental and historical impact
  • open spaces
  • Community facilities

By doing this a developer must comply with our policies when building in Bearley.

How is it being done?

A team of people are working to develop a draft plan.

  • Questionnaires weill be issued and analysed and used to inform the draft plan
  • Other groups including employers will also being asked for views
  • The group will meet together regularly with a professional planning consultant to draft the plan
  • Evidence will be gathered to support policies
  • The draft plan will be presented to residents and residents comments will help to substantiate or amend the draft
  • This re-draft will be put to public examination by a Planning Inspector
  • The final draft will be voted on in a referendum of Bearley residents.


Who is involved?

The team of people working on the plan will/can include Parish Councillors, volunteer residents and Planning Consultants.

What can you see from this page?

  • Notes of meetings
  • Questionnaires & Surveys, and raw data
  • When available
    • draft Neighbourhood Plan
    • calendar of consultation events


The plan will be how we visualise Bearley Parish developing over the next years and how we can ensure that such development will be a good thing for Bearley Parish, and not an eyesore.

Bearley Parish Council 23 May 2017

Agenda for Bearley NPSG Meeting 27 November 2018
Agenda for Bearley NPSG Meeting 12 November 2018
Agenda for Bearley NPSG Meeting 04 October 2018

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