National Planning Policy Framework has given parishes such as Bearley a greater say in planning and development in their areas. It provides a framework within which locally-prepared plans for housing and other development can be produced. The Neighbourhood Planning process enables communities to ensure sustainable development of their environment by being part of how development takes place and help influence the type, quality and location of that development, ensuring that change brings local benefits.

The framework ensures equal legal status for the Neighbourhood Plan with the Local Plan which in our particular case is the Stratford-on-Avon District Council’s Local Plan and the Core Strategy. Legal status implies that a neighbourhood plan must meet certain “basic conditions” and other legal requirements before it can come into force. Following community and public consultation at pre-submission stage the neighbourhood plan is submitted and tested through an independent examination before it can proceed to referendum. Only with the community approval at the referendum the Plan is “made”, that is its legal status is confirmed and it is in force.

A brochure entitled “Neighbourhood Plan – What are we doing in Bearley?” was put together by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group in September 2018 to address most frequently asked questions about the Neighbourhood Plan process. It was delivered to all households in Bearley. The document provides information on the content of the plan, the timetable for the delivery of the Plan. Most importantly it describes how residents can contribute to the plan and have their opinions on the future of Bearley heard.

Please click the link below to view the “Neighbourhood Plan – What are we doing in Bearley?” brochure.

Neighbourhood Plan – What are we doing in Bearley September 2018

Please click this link here to reach the detailed information and official guidance on the key stages of the Neighbourhood Planning process and basic conditions as well as legal requirements each plan must meet before it can come into force.