Bearley Beacon

Bearley Beacon

The Bearley Beacon continues to be produced every other month. The Beacon is currently provided as an online document to download. It is hoped that post pandemic the Beacon will revert back to the A5 magazine being delivered to each household in the Parish.

The Beacon depends very much on a small group of people who regularly provide articles. We always have informative reports from the Stratford District Councillor, Ian Shenton and  Warwickshire County Councillor, Anne Parry. Jo Wall provides photographs and details of the last two months meeting of the Flower Club; Jane Harrison writes up the news of St Mary’s Church; Brian Young often provides excellent bird photographs; Karen Mason provides the Bearley Parish Council Report.  A new ladies’ group, called the Y-Not Club, sends regular updates of meetings. There is also occasional news from Friends of Bearley Village and any activities they have held, and also from Friends of Bearley Park. There is information about the library, refuse collections, and emergency phone numbers including the local Police.

Photographs are welcomed for each addition, even better if they are provided by villagers. The more people from the village we have contributing to the Beacon, the more it belongs to the whole village.

If you are interested in contributing please contact the Karen Mason, Parish Clerk at 07713 280431 or

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